Tank Battles Hack

Tank Battles Hack for Coins & Cash

Tank Battles is a very fun action and adventure game, but coins and cash are vital to progress in the game, since you need these currencies to purchase upgrades and in-game items. The coins and cash are available in the app store, but this gets expensive since you need real money to make these purchases. If you would like to get the coins and cash for free, just download our free Tank Battles hack tool, which is right here on our website.

Look at the picture below to see how the Tank Battles hack tool works. All you need to do is enter the amounts of coins and cash that you would like to input into your gaming account.


Download the Tank Battles hack tool, which takes 30 seconds, and then wait about 30 seconds while it automatically installs. Select either iOS or Android, and then just put in the amounts of each item that you want.

When you are ready to go, press “Start” to begin the Tank Battles hack tool, and this process takes under 40 seconds to complete. After that has completed, open up Tank Battles on your device, and the coins and cash will be sitting in your account for you, and it’s ready to use on any purchases you want to make in the game.

Tank Battles Gameplay Tips and Tricks

In Tank Battles, you will need a lot of gold coins to purchase power-ups and upgrades for your tank. Earning gold coins is pretty easy because all you have to do is play the game and destroy tanks, which drop gold coins that you can collect. However, you can also destroy objects in the game such as sandbag barriers and tents, which also drop gold coins.


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The levels in Tank Battles become significantly more difficult when you progress through the game, so it is important to know that you can replay earlier levels to collect more gold coins. This will allow you to grind earlier levels and save up a lot of gold coins. You should also pay attention to quests and achievements if you want to earn extra gold coins and power-ups. Completing the first dozen of quests and achievements is a piece of cake and they reward you handsomely.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

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